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Welcome to the website of the Dutch National Netherland Dwarf and Polish Rabbit Club (Nationale Polen- en Kleurdwergenclub, NPKC). The club is carried by and focuses on breeders and fans of the Netherland Dwarf and Polish Rabbit.

The NPKC is the biggest member of the National Dutch Organisation of small mammal and poultry breeders (Kleindier Liefhebbers Nederland, KLN). 

On this website, you will find information about the club, the breeds, membership and activities. Also you can download several documents here, like the catalogs or the subscription forms for the shows. Also check our stories and pictures, taken on several shows.

We hope you will appreciate this website!

Dutch National Netherland Dwarf and Polish Rabbit Club.

Activities 2020/2021

Activiteit Locatie Datum’s
1st Clubshow Noordshow
TT-Halle Assen  De Haar 11, 9405
Assen January 7-9, 2021
International Day of the Dwarf
Bulkweg 1, 4005 LB
Tiel March 6, 2021
Young Stock Show
Bulkweg 1, 4005 LB
Tiel October 9, 2021