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Becoming a member of the Dutch National Netherland Dwarf and Polish Rabbit Club?



Once a year the NPKC offers you a yearbook. It is a multifunctional reference with a lot of information on club activities, breed related information and a member overview. In its extensiveness it is a unique book in the Netherlands!
Every member can pick up his or her yearbook at the NPKC-stand at the Noordshow, the Championshow or the International Day of the Dwarf. 

International Show

Every first Saturday of March, we organize an international show. Every year this show has been visited by Dutch as well as German, Belgian, British, Norwegian and Swedish breeders. The last years the show has been held in Veenendaal, which is 20 minutes east to Utrecht.



The yearly contribution is
- for senior members     € 20,00;                     
- for the under aged       € 15,00;
- for combinations         € 22,50.

To become a member

Please contact the Secretary if you are interested.  E-mail: