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Day of the Dwarf 2021..

Unfortunadly , the Day of Dwarf cannot take place this year, the reason of the calcellation is the corona pandemic
But please write in your agenda: The Day of the Dwarf 2022 on the 5th of March 2022
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Day of the Dwarf 2020 847 animals..

Best breeders and enthusiasts,  The registration for the "International Day of the Dwarf" is closed. Read more..

Day of the Dwarf 2020..

For the 20th time the National Poland & Colour Dwarf Club is organizing on Saturday 7 March the "International Day of the Dwarf". Read more..

Regulation and Registration form Day of the Dwarf 2019 online!!..

Regulation and Registration form International Day of the Dwarf 2019 online!! Read more..